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2023 Duotone Unit D/LAB Wing

The Unit D/LAB is a wing that needs no introduction, as it is the pinnacle of wing design and the benchmark in performance. Duotone Laboratories’ mission is to develop the absolute best products in the wind sports industry and they have done just that with the Unit D/LAB. The wing is constructed with the most cutting-edge premium materials and construction technology, with no expense spared in the pursuit of the ultimate ride.

To earn the prestigious D/LAB seal of approval, the wing must pass extensive rigorous testing and exceed all expectations. For the 2023 model, the Aluula leading edge and strut are combined with the new MOD3 canopy, resulting in a truly mind-blowing experience. The latest version of Aluula fabric offers unmatched weight, ride compliance, and response, resulting in a lighter wing with improved lift, drift, power, and hang time. The instantaneous feedback from the Unit D/LAB allows for earlier take-off, higher jumping and quicker rotations.

The MOD3 Canopy channels the energy from the Aluula material into pure acceleration and sheer grunt. The higher modulus MOD3 fabric holds the shape of the wing with double the strength in the warp direction and three times the stretch resistance in the bias direction compared to traditional canopies. The lower stretch significantly improves draft stability, power delivery, and pumping efficiency of the wing, ultimately allowing the use of smaller wings in lighter winds, and resulting in an increased usable range. The new durable MOD3 remains crisp and fresh like its day one, and in addition, significantly improves the tear resistance and canopy strength.

Designer Ken Winner has also optimized the dihedral angle, as well as the tip and strut twist for enhanced drift stability when surfing or flying through basic maneuvers. The front handle has been reinforced for better stand-off and control when surfing with the wing flagged, while the window layout offers better visibility for improved safety, allowing you to always see your surroundings.

The rigid handles have revolutionized wing design for their direct steering and power transfer, allowing the rider quick adjustments through its grip range combined with pump-and-go simplicity, while maintaining a lightweight and minimal size that is easy to pack away at the end of a session.

The Unit D/LAB excels in the surf, but also loves powerful riding, jumps, and tricks at all levels. It’s your choice between the Unit Original and D/LAB, but just keep in mind that if you want the ultimate in performance, it has to be the Unit D/LAB!

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