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A Quantum Leap Forward – The North MA 2100 & 1850 Front Wing Review

by John Bryja

I’ve recently had the pleasure of testing out the North MA 2100 & 1850 front wings, a marvelous upgrade from the older 2200 R model. It’s clear that North has made some significant improvements on this front wing, focusing on reducing drag, increasing performance, and broadening its suitability to a range of rider profiles and foiling disciplines.

First off, it’s worth mentioning that the reduction in drag was noticeably substantial when compared to its predecessor. This resulted in far less arm fatigue, a frequent complaint from users of the older 2200 model. Clearly, North has listened to their customer base and addressed this issue head-on. Experienced heavy weight riders can ditch the harness lines when using these more efficient light wind foils.

This wing is part of North’s new, larger MA V2 Series, an evolution from the Reflexed Series. The series is marketed as a stable ‘learn-to-foil’ set-up, but don’t let that fool you. The MA 2100 is not just for beginners. It’s also perfectly tailored for heavier riders looking to progress, offering an outstanding light wind performance and ease of use.

The MA 2100 and 1850 showcased impressive pitch stability across the entire speed range, which is a major advantage in handling and maneuverability. The controllable early lift and lower stall speed were additional pluses that lend this wing a superior edge over its predecessor. Furthermore, it was highly forgiving during jibes and tacks, adding to the overall seamless experience.

I tested the MA 2100 and MA 1850 on the versatile North Sonar Carbon Foil System, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. The system’s modularity allows for a multitude of different combinations to suit all foil disciplines and rider abilities. We tested the MA 2100 with both the 72 and 85 carbon mast, as well as the 70 cm carbon fuselage. Beginners or riders riding primarily in less choppy conditions will be well suited to the 72 cm mast. Match these front wings with the S320 stabilizer for the ultimate in early planing and stability.

The Sonar design allows for easy updating of every component, which means you can keep your gear fresh and in line with the latest advancements. All variants are retrofittable and future-proofed, proving that North is not just thinking about the present but also the future of foiling.

The North MA 2100 and MA 1850 front wing offers a substantial improvement over the older 2200 R model. With its marked reduction in drag, better stall speed, and adaptability, it delivers an exceptional ride that appeals to a wide range of riders. Whether you’re a beginner or a heavyweight rider looking to advance, the MA 2100 & 1850 are sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

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