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AWSI 2024 Core Wing Foiling preview

The video features an interview at the AWSI 2023 show, focusing on the 2024 gear. Steven Akkersdijk a professional kiteboarder loves winging

  1. Journey into Foiling and Winging:
    • Core began its foil journey with the SLC kite foil.
    • The foil has opened up new possibilities for many enthusiasts.
    • Last year, Core released the Spectrum and Roamer series with the XC wing, designed as a universal set-up suitable for a broad range of users.
  2. New Products:
    • The new “favorite series” is for advanced users and is built for high speeds. It includes wings of varying sizes and aspect ratios.
    • There is also a new carbon mast lineup. The carbon masks have a tapered shape, which offers better speed and control, especially when encountering waves.
  3. About the Wings:
    • The recently released “Halo” wing uses alula material which is lightweight and offers high stiffness.
    • The boom of the Halo allows easy hand movement and better control.
    • The wing has inflation points similar to Core kites, with a quick-deflation mechanism.
    • The pressure in the wing can be adjusted. However, over-pumping may result in reduced wing movement.
  4. Comparison with the XC Wing:
    • The XC was released last year and remains a favorite for many, including Stephen. It offers a balance between performance and ease of use.
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