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Dakhla Wing Surfing

North riders Chucho and Fabi embark on a journey to discover the desert vibes of Dakhla. The ancient and powerful nature of this place is something that both riders find truly special. Fabi expresses that “Dakhla has a very unique and special vibe, you can feel the magic of the desert coming to you.” Chucho adds that “Dakhla is definitely in my top 3 foiling destinations. There are endless opportunities for every rider style and ability level – flat water lagoons for freestyle, perfect winging waves and beach breaks.” The riders also had the opportunity to test out the all-new Mode high speed performance wing, a product of Northfoils.com. Join them on their journey by following them on Instagram, Facebook or visiting their website. And don’t forget to tag the featured North Riders @fabianmuhmenthalertarifa @chuchononnot3717 in your post. #RunFlyBe

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