On day four of the GWA Wingfoil World Cup in New Zealand, the wind finally kicked in, allowing us to advance halfway through Men’s Round One with approximately 14 knots of wind.

For Round 1, we ran 15-minute heats with two minutes of transition time. The riders were given 12 trick attempts, with the top wave and top trick counting. As of Heat 4, this changed to the top 2 waves and top 2 tricks counting.

Lillian Juppet started the day by scoring a solid 6.77 Front Flip, allowing him to advance to the next round. Camille Bouyer landed a clean Back Flip, also scoring him 6.77 and solidifying his lead into Round 2. Our current World Champion, Malo Guenole, scored the highest score of the day with his 6.8-point wave. Local riderJeremiah McDonald also advanced through another round here at his home spot.

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