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Day One Highlight | GWA Wingfoil World Cup Cape Verde 2023

The world’s leading wingfoilers took to the water in a ground-breaking new surfing discipline in the first elimination rounds of the GWA Wingfoil World Cup on the Cape Verde island of Sal.

The athletes, who were excited to be part of the innovative pure wave format, couldn’t think of a better spot than the legendary Ponte Preta break to begin the new chapter in wingfoil’s evolution.

The right hand break poses challenges for the 31 men and 10 women, from 10 nations, including the youngest athlete, 13-year-old Briton, Leon Shiel.

The rocky point claimed a few of the riders who overcooked a wave and found themselves tumbling in the foam. But most were pleasantly surprised that it was possible to surf the Ponta Preta break well on a wingfoil. All acknowledged that pushing them out of their comfort zone had raised the wingfoil bar and opened up new possibilities.

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