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Duotone Wing 2023 Unit Review

Fanatic board designer Sky Solbach reviews the new 2023 Duotone Unit Wing with test editor Shane Thompson.

Key Points

The new Unit 2023 marks the beginning of a new era in wing design, featuring the revolutionary MOD3 canopy. This latest edition Unit offers increased power, longer hang time, and improved drift stability.

From the moment you begin pumping, you’ll notice the extra power that the MOD3 canopy brings to the wing. The responsive handling through the rigid handles allows for quicker take-off and improved low-end performance, allowing you to use smaller-sized wings.

The MOD3 fabric, with its higher modulus, holds the shape of the wing with double the strength in the warp direction and three times the stretch resistance in the bias direction compared to traditional canopies. The small increase in weight is insignificant when compared to the significant improvement in power, draft stability, and wide range of the new Unit. The MOD3 canopy remains fresh and significantly improves the tear resistance and strength of the wing.

In addition to the canopy, the 2023 Unit features optimized dihedral angle, tip and strut twist, and a stronger front handle with better stand-off, all of which contribute to improved drift stability and increased lift and hang time when jumping. Designer Ken Winner has also implemented a window layout from the Slick SLS to improve visibility and overall safety in crowded spots without impacting the lightweight structure of the Unit.

The lightweight rigid handles have become a benchmark in wing design for their direct steering and power transfer, allowing for quick adjustments through the grip range and ease of use with minimal packing size.

Whether you prefer to draw flowing lines in the surf and open ocean swells, or enjoy lift and hang time in tacks and jumps, or simply prefer riding with extra power, the 2023 Unit is yet again another step ahead of the pack!

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