GWA Wingfoil Word Tour Qualifying Series Winners 2022

The GWA Qualifying Series (QS) not only provides a platform for aspiring competitive riders to progress to elite wingfoiling competitions, but also helps local organizers establish a framework for growing professional competition levels in their countries.

Due to high demand for GWA Wingfoil World Tour events in the last two years, participant numbers for each event will be capped for the 2023 season. The ways for riders to enter a full World Tour event are listed below. Finishing in the top five of each discipline on the 2022 Qualifying Series is one way to secure a spot in the 2023 World Tour events.

In 2022, nine GWA QS events were held on four continents, with six events in Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, and South Africa. 190 men and 27 women competed in Surf Slalom events, while 84 men and 19 women competed in the Surf-Freestyle events.

Fleet sizes and entry to the 2023 World Tour:

  • Surf-Freestyle: In 2022, the Surf-Freestyle World Tour fleet for each event was 48 riders. In 2023, it will be reduced to 32 riders.
  • Surf-Slalom: In 2022, the Surf-Slalom World Tour fleet for each event was 80 riders. In 2023, it will be reduced to 48 riders.

For the 2023 Surf-Freestyle 32 rider fleet:

  • Riders 1-20: Pre-seeded competitors
  • Riders 21-26: Qualifying Series wildcards
  • Riders 27-29: Video application winners
  • Rider 30: GWA wildcard
  • Riders 31-32: Local/organizer wildcard

For the 2023 Surf-Slalom 48 rider fleet:

  • Riders 1-35: Pre-seeded competitors
  • Riders 36-41: Qualifying Series wildcards
  • Riders 42-45: Video application winners
  • Rider 46: GWA wildcard
  • Riders 47-48: Local/organizer wildcard

Congratulations to the following riders who successfully made it through the Qualifying Series and will now be able to compete in each event on the 2023 GWA Wingfoil World Tour!

Surf-Freestyle Qualifiers – Men: 1 Liliam Juppet (FRA) 2 Chucho Nonnot (FRA) 3 Jeremiah Macdonald (NZ) 4 Oscar Leclair (FRA) 5 Sergio Perera (ESP)

(Alan Fedit (FRA) actually finished second overall on the QS, but is in the top 20 ranked riders on the World Tour, so is already pre-qualified. Sergio Perera therefore took the fifth qualifying position on the QS.)

Surf-Freestyle Qualifiers – Women: 1 Julia Castro (ESP) 2 Lenna Thyssen (GER) 3 Pamela Pimentel (BRA) 4 Sonia Boutillier (FRA) 5 Carla Herrera (ESP)

(Roberta Sullini (BRA), Nia Suardiaz (ESP), Lidiane Sanders (BRA), Orane Ceris (FRA) and Roccio Reigert (BRA) are already pre-qualified for the full World Tour.)

Surf-Slalom Qualifiers – Men: 1 Sergio Perera (ESP) 2 Wong Yu Him (HK) 3 Matteo Guazzoni (ITA) 4 Kauli Seadi (BRA) 5 Yannik Holste (GER)

(Alan Fedit (FRA), Nicolo Spanu (ITA

See the GWA Wingfoil World Tour main event calendar here.

Keep an eye on the individual event pages to submit a video application.

Event listings for the 2023 Qualifying Series will be posted soon.

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