How to Maintain your Hydrofoil

Cleaning, lubricating and maintaining your  hydrofoil regularly is an important step in preventing corrosion and seizing of hardware. Maintain your equipment regularly to prolong it’s lifespan.

One key thing that we need to do when we put your mast and these parts together is actually lubricate everything with a really good marine grease, or just a good marine spray. I recommend a really thick marine grease because it stays on. You really wanted to be able take this thing apart. If you’re in salt water you’re going to want to break it down at least every other day. You always want to check. Make sure things are tight, and rinse everything, and treat it like more like it’s a mountain bike. The salt water and these titanium bolts, you’ll get some corrosion if you don’t keep them greased. If you dont’ you could end up with a seized part, and if you’re seized then you won’t be able to get it apart. The corrosion is going to continue, and at some point it will fail if you leave it together. So you need to take stuff apart, grease it, put it back together. It’s just one of those maintenance side of the aluminum mast fuselage bolt combo.

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