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Kite Recycling – Wing Foiling

Who invented wing foiling? Marcus “Flash” Austin!

This video of Marcus “Flash” Austin is a pivotal moment in the history of Wing Foiling. As the second video in a series that documents Flash’s journey in inventing the new sport, it showcases his incredible skills and dedication to the sport. The series serves as a testament to the passion and vision that Flash had for wing foiling, and it’s clear that his efforts have played a major role in the development and popularization of the sport. Flash recycled his old Naish kites to create these unique wings.

Duotone’s wing designer, Ken Winner, has credited these videos of Flash as a source of inspiration for the design of new inflatable wings for Wing Foiling. He states that Flash’s videos were instrumental in his understanding of the sport, and the specific needs of wing foiling. The videos allowed him to see the potential of the sport and to design wings that are specifically tailored to the needs of wing foiling.

Without the vision and dedication of pioneers like Flash, the sport of Wing Foiling may not have reached the level of popularity and accessibility that it has today. His contributions to the sport have had a lasting impact, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of wing foiling enthusiasts.

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