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Moona Whyte: Riding the Wind with F-ONE

Acclaimed American kitesurfer and wingsurfer Moona Whyte is making waves yet again, this time by joining the illustrious F-ONE team.

Born and raised in the vibrant surf culture of Hawaii, Whyte found her passion for kitesurfing at the tender age of 14, tutored by her father. From then on, she became a stalwart figure at the beach, keen to soak up the saltwater lifestyle. While her initiation to the world of surf began with a shortboard, her love for the water quickly spread to encompass kitesurfing, leading her to become a formidable force in the sport.

In anticipation of her joining F-ONE, Whyte shared some of her experiences and pre-surf rituals. The yogi-kitesurfer often turns to yoga before hitting the waves, a calming routine disrupted only by the irresistible lure of a good surf. As for her most memorable kiting memory, Whyte recalls a particular session involving a heavy slab wave, and her biggest barrel yet – a thrill that landed her on a magazine cover.

Despite the obvious thrills and successes, Whyte acknowledges the danger that comes with the territory. From a two-wave hold down while surfing, to a leash entangling her legs underwater during a kite session, she’s experienced her share of unnerving incidents. However, her resilience and passion for the sport keep her undeterred.

At the heart of her journey, Whyte credits her parents for their unwavering support and for providing her with the opportunity to grow up in one of the most beautiful places in the world. With their backing, she’s thrived in the water, garnering global recognition for her prowess and dedication.

Whyte expressed her excitement about the F-ONE quiver, particularly the BANDIT-S, touting it as a game-changer for her wave riding progression. She believes the gear’s performance will positively influence her surf, allowing her to further her exploration of kitesurfing and wingsurfing.

Moona Whyte’s joining of the F-ONE team is not only a significant career move for her but also a testament to F-ONE’s commitment to championing athletes who embody dedication, passion, and prowess in their sport. We’re eagerly anticipating the splashes Whyte will make with F-ONE by her side.

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