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Naish ADX Wingsurfer On-Water Review

In this video, Matt Nuzzo from Real introduces the Naish ADX, a vibrant and impressive wing. Although they don’t have much technical information, Naish sent them a wing to test and share their thoughts. The ADX is Naish’s take on the hard handle wing, boasting a completely new shape and design compared to their previous offerings.

The 5-meter wing weighs approximately 6.2 pounds, slightly heavier than some competitors due to the hard handles. These handles are made of a softer, rubberized material that minimizes injury risk and potential board damage. The bar is exceptionally slim with an oval shape, which Matt enjoys, although preferences may vary.

Naish incorporated their FTP pump valve and added a dump valve on the strut for convenience. The wing also features a row of windows for visibility and a hex core material that may contribute to its stiffness. It has a flatter profile than past Naish wings and feels more rigid, but its long-term durability remains to be seen.

On the water, the ADX performs well with excellent upwind drive and direct feedback through the hard handles. It may not be ideal for beginners, as it tends to flip over instead of resting on its handles. However, it could be suitable for those with some experience looking to progress.

The ADX offers balanced front and backhand handling, facilitating relatively easy transitions. Its slightly heavier weight makes it more suited for flat water trick riding than wave riding. Overall, the Naish ADX is an impressive option for riders seeking an all-around wing with hard handles, particularly those interested in yacht club racing or similar activities.

The package includes a Naish wrist leash (though Matt prefers waist leashes) and a compact storage bag.

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