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“Riding upwind refers to navigating at an angle towards the wind. The maximum angle you can ride upwind depends on your gear, weight, and riding technique. As a general guideline, this angle can be up to around 45 degrees. The red area indicates a zone where the angle is too high and cannot be sustained for longer distances. While you can’t sail directly against the wind, you can reach any point directly upwind of you by linking several upwind legs. The best maneuver for riding upwind is the tack, as it’s a turn directly into the wind. To achieve the best upwind performance, try to shift your weight slightly forward and bring your wing into a more upright position. In low wind, you can step out of the back strap and place the back foot further forward. Additionally, avoid riding toeside if possible and change your stance to heelside riding. The more you go upwind, the more you’ll need to sheet in with your wing. Remember the key elements for good upwind performance: change your stance to heelside riding, shift your weight forward, hold your wing upright, and sheet in.”

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