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Robby Naish Wingfoiling Waves – (slo-mo)

Riding the Waves of Maui with Robby Naish

Legendary waterman Robby Naish recently shared insights into one of his most memorable summer sessions in Maui. As someone who has dedicated his life to mastering various water sports, Naish’s experiences offer unique perspectives that are both informative and evocative.

The Perfect Maui Session

During most summers, Naish can be found embracing the winds and waves of Maui, Hawaii. This year was no exception. He enjoyed two consecutive days riding waves on the southeast side of Maui. Despite being alone, the conditions were slightly daunting. The waves, although small, were accompanied by strong offshore winds. A single mistake could lead to crashing on the rocks, damaging equipment or worse.

Given the precarious conditions, Naish approached the waves with caution. He shared that the wind’s direction made it challenging at times, especially when trying to maneuver against it. At the end of the wave, the absence of wind required him to pump back to the wind line. Despite these challenges, the session was filled with excitement and the mesmerizing beauty of Maui’s waves.

The entire session was captured in slow motion, revealing the intricate details of how the foil operates beneath one’s feet on a wave. For enthusiasts, Naish promised to delve into the technical details of his equipment later on.

A Life Riding the Waves

Robby Naish has been synonymous with board riding for decades. Starting with skimboarding and surfing, he ventured into windsurfing at the young age of 11 and hasn’t looked back. Over the years, he has embraced other sports like kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and more recently, wing foiling.

The summer’s predominant conditions in Maui – windy and flat – make wing foiling an ideal choice. Naish passionately spoke about the fluidity of this sport. Although it may look conservative, the sensation is incomparable. According to him, it feels like “standing on a ball,” emphasizing its uniqueness and thrill.

Gear Insights

As for the gear, Naish prefers to take charge. Using foot straps gives him better control, making him the “driver” of the board rather than a mere passenger. Contrary to the popular trend of using smaller boards, Naish opts for a slightly bigger one. His rationale is straightforward: having more volume ensures that he remains afloat even when the wind drops, allowing him to navigate areas with no wind.

His setup for this session included a 72-liter board, a 95-centimeter carbon mast positioned all the way forward, and an 840 front wing with a 220 rear wing. He was also using the ADX 3.5 wing, which he found perfect for the windy conditions. The ADX, with its rigid handle, offers excellent control. Its induced camber might not be ideal for wave riding against the wind, but it’s versatile enough for Naish, who prefers an all-rounder gear.

Robby Naish’s love for water sports and his unyielding spirit continue to inspire many. Whether it’s breaking down the technicalities of equipment or sharing his experiences on the waves of Maui, Naish’s tales never cease to captivate the hearts of enthusiasts and novices alike.

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