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Titouan Galea – Scores epic waves on rare south swell |Maui Hawaii

“After 2 years I am happy to be back on Maui, this time with the F-one America team. I flew from Tahiti two days after I scored a huge swell. It takes about 5 days for a swell like that to hit the shores of the Hawaiian islands. I knew the timing would be good. The question was which spot to go to and if the wind would be there. I always watched some pictures and videos from windsurfers riding some left on Maui, and as a goofy footer I always wanted to ride them but never had the right conditions before. This time around the conditions were reunited, south swell, good trade wind and sun!
We made our way to the spot , in the beginning the wind was not so strong, we were not sure it was rideable. But after waiting a bit, the wind came a bit stronger! We went out and caught as many waves as we could.
The conditions were really nice, accompanied by local F-ONE ambassador Christian Barcellos, with side off shore wind and some good sets over 5 feet. The atmosphere was quite special, we were riding surrounded by lava landscape. Falling was not allowed!

I was using a Strike 4.2 + Phantom 740 and 85 carbon HM mast + 4’7 board.
I had a blast and I hope you will enjoy the edit made by Jackson McMuldren.”

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