Vandal Pro Helmet Review

In our test teams quest for the ideal water helmet, the Vandal Pro excels beyond all others we’ve experienced. What set the Vandal Pro apart, though, is its incredible lightness, attributed to its EPP impact foam that repels water rather than absorbing it. This ensures not just comfort, but it gives the wearer a sensation of weightlessness, even while dealing with strong waves and winds. Inside the helmet, you’ll find an ergonomic shape complemented by a mesh comfort lining, bringing a level of comfort that’s second to none. The Vandal Pro’s adjustable 360 dial adds to the helmet’s uniqueness, securing it not only at the back of your head but wrapping around the entirety for an evenly distributed fit. Capping off the brilliance of the Vandal Pro is the Fidlock closure. This magnetic system guarantees a swift and effortless connection when putting on the helmet, adding another layer of convenience to this CE-approved helmet. It’s no wonder the Vandal Pro has quickly become our benchmark for exceptional design in wingsurfing gear.

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