F-ONE and Duotone Sign CWC Patent License Agreement

F-ONE and Duotone announced today an agreement granting Duotone the rights to use F-ONE’s Compact Wing Concept (CWC) patent.

Raphaël Salles, founder and CEO of F-ONE said: “After nearly 30 years of continuous innovation in the watersports industry, F-ONE has developed multiple high-value patents. We are pleased to share our CWC patent with a brand like Duotone through this agreement. This mutual recognition of intellectual property value clearly demonstrates that the two companies greatly respect each other’s work and aim to foster a positive cycle of research and innovation.”

Till Eberle, CEO of Duotone, said: “In 2019, Duotone pioneered the commercialization of wing foiling, using the brand’s extensive knowledge from decades of kite and windsurfing R&D. Since then, Duotone has been at the forefront of wing foiling innovations. Our products and investments into the sport help to grow the sport and inspire riders. The CWC is an interesting concept to push winging in light wind conditions with bigger wing sizes, meaning riders can get even more time on the water.”

This new agreement reflects the strength of F-ONE’s patent portfolio and investments towards R&D over the years and will give both companies the freedom to innovate under the same patent.

Light, compact, and easy to use, the STRIKE CWC V3 is the quintessential light-wind weapon. Our patented 3-strut wing has proven to be the ideal concept for a successful large surface wing, and the STRIKE CWC has dominated light-wind wing foiling since its appearance on the market. Featuring a new and revolutionary design as well as F-ONE’s latest technologies and materials, this CWC V3 will let you show off your wing foiling skills in full confidence on any light wind day.

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