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FreeWing Brand Video by Starboard X Airush | for Wingfoiling & Wingsurfing

Did you know the FreeWing has dual research & development locations – between Cape Town, South Africa and Bangkok, Thailand? That’s right; the FreeWing gets thoroughly tested and developed to perform in an extensive range of conditions – which is why it is such a great all-around wing for wingfoiling & wingsurfing.

Steeped in windsurfing and kiteboarding history, the FreeWing concept dates back to before the foiling era. The earliest versions of the wings designed by Jim Drake look remarkably similar to today’s hi-tech wings.

From concept to prototype and finally, take off – the FreeWing has a long design history with humble beginnings at Airush HQ in Muizenburg, South Africa.

See what our first wing prototype looked like back in 2013 and how far these progressive wind engineers have come over the past 8 years. Learn how the FreeWing came to life through this innovative collab as Airush’s Brand Director, Clinton Filen, and Starboard’s Chief Innovation Officer, Svein Rasmussen, take us back in time and show us the early days of wing development.

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