North launches 2024 Wingfoil Collection

At North, we’re always reaching for more – more time on the water, more lift, more feeling, more exhilaration. When there’s even a slight shift in the wind or a small swell, we feel it and we chase it.
 With the versatility of the new 2024 Wingfoil Collection, you’ll be ready for anything, anywhere, any time.

Featuring the refined Mode Pro High-speed performance wing, the Loft Pro Light-wind performance wing, Seek foilboard and a new mid-aspect wing foil series, this collection is designed to make foiling easy  – while pushing the limits of what is possible. 

Now in its fourth season of development, North leads the industry with regards to Wing design.

“Our history of innovation and North Sails advanced material development heritage has resulted in an industry breakthrough with the elite performance of the N-Weave45,” says Brand Director Mike Raper.

“The all new MA wings are just perfect for learning to foil. They make the sport super-easy and due to their wide range and early lift, will be our biggest seller.”

In the 2024 Wingfoil collection


3.5, 4.2, 4.8, 5.5, 6.8 m

Speed mode. Send mode. Your Mode.
North’s stiffest, lightest and most durable wing draws on North Advanced Textiles technology for maximum wind range and shape-hold in extreme conditions. The new N-Weave45 high tensile strength woven fiber with cross-ply reinforcement is 30% lighter than a traditional Dacron, its new 45-degree laminate helping to control the torsional stiffness of the airframe. New Matrix stretch-resistant canopy material is designed specifically to handle the tension of the N-Weave frame, and Carbon GripLock Handles give you a faster, more direct feel. The addition of three new sizes (3.5, 4.8 and 6.8 m) further expands the range. Nestled between the 4.2 and the 5.5, the new 4.8m will be an extremely popular size in a truly wide range of conditions, from storms to light wind.


7, 8m

Ending your wait for wind

Carrying you through the lulls and converting the slightest puff into powerful forward momentum. 

The new Loft Pro is also powered by N-Weave45, North’s new high tensile strength woven fiber with cross-ply reinforcement, for a stiffer, lighter rig that holds its shape when under load and has a highly efficient power delivery. The Loft Pro also features lightweight Carbon GripLock handles to provide a more immediate, direct response and balance adjustment.


4’4|48L, 4’6|58L,  4’8|68L, 4’10|78L, 5’0|88L, 5’2|98L, 5’4|108L, 5’6|118L, 5’11|138L 

Rise up
The all new 2024 Seek features an efficient tri-plane hull design with a slight convex at the tail for a cleaner release and smoother, more forgiving touchdown recovery. We’ve also dropped the nose rocker, improving speed and acceleration, and rearranged the volume distribution in the board for stability – because every movement counts. With updated volumes for each board length, you can now ride a full size shorter.

Making Foiling easy



Simple, fun and easy to use. 

An evolution of the Reflexed Series, our new larger MA1850v2 and MA2100v2 front wings deliver a stable learn-to-foil set-up designed for winging and boat foiling. Pitch stable across the entire speed range, the MA V2 Wings feature controllable early lift and a lower stall speed.

Evolving the top end of the MA series, the MA850v2 Front Wing is a mid-aspect ratio wing ideal for all rider weights. Featuring a broad speed range and early lift for its size, without compromise to the top end, the MA850v2 has increased glide and pumpability. It is highly agile while retaining a locked-in feel for upwind/powered riding and ventilation-free tip-breaching.

At North, we love how unpredictable the wind and the water are. Master the unpredictable with North’s new 2024 Wingfoil Collection.

View North 2024 Wingfoil Collection Online

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